Saturday, 9 July 2011

New Falsification of Aljazeera about Bahrain

New Falsification of Aljazeera about Bahrain
 A couple of days after the failure of Al-Khalifa’s so called national dialogue in Bahrain, Aljazeera, the Qatari news channel released this document and claimed that the Central Census Office and the Information of Council of Ministers of Bahrain announced.
Aljazeera claimed that the statistics about the demographic of Bahrain and majority and minority in this archipelago over the past 20 years is wrong and unscientific.
In part of this document to justify the Al-Khalifa policy of granting citizenship to foreigners to change the texture of Bahrain's population, has been claimed that granting citizenship to foreigners in the tiny island was only in favor of Shiites.
Based on the news, however, even from some Bahrain domestic media the only requirement for the acceptance of foreign labor, which ultimately leads to the granting of citizenship, is that foreign people must be Sunni.
While the people of Bahrain have repeatedly stressed that their demands are not sectarian; all evidence shows that Shia and Sunni are together in peaceful protests and rallies. Now Aljazeera seems to tilt public opinion in Arabic World about the real demands of the people of Bahrain.
It is worth noting that most of Arabic media like Aljazeera and Alarabiya remained silent during the protests and brutal suppression of Al-Khalifa security forces in Bahrain.
By releasing of this document, Aljazeera has attempted to induce its Arab audiences with distorted facts suggesting that the recent protests in Bahrain belong to the minority who is negotiating with Al-Khalifa.

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