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Acts of the Holy Month of Rajab

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HF) said, “The month of Rajab is the month of Allah (SWT); Sha’baan is my month; and Ramadhan is the month of my people. Therefore, if anyone observes fasting on a day of this month, he will be seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT)…”
Acts of the Holy Month of Rajab
Here is the month of Rajab; the month for self-purification. May God help all of us purify ourselves from evil desires and bad habits, and help us overcome our worldly desires.
First day of the month of Rajab is the birthday anniversary of Imam Baqir (PBUH), the 5th Imam of Shia and a famous figure in Muslim world. Congratulations to all.
Imam Mohammad Baqir said, “Learn the good words, even from those who do not act upon it.”
“Convey my greetings to my Shias. Order them to fear Allah, the Great. Their rich should visit their poor. Their sound should visit their ill. Their living should attend the funeral of their demised. They should meet each other in their houses. Indeed their meeting each other enlivens our affair. May Allah have mercy on one who enlivens our affair and puts the best of it into effect. Say to them, we will suffice nothing for them with Allah except through their good deeds. They will not obtain our intercession but through piety and hard work. Indeed the most intense of all people in regret on the Day of Judgment is the one who describes a certain deed, and then he does other than it.” (Uyun al-Akhbar wa Funun al-Atha)
The Holy Month of Rajab is upon us. The largest number of Islamic occasions in an Islamic year is within this month.
Important Dates and Events in Rajab
1st – Birthday anniversary of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (PBUH)
3rd – Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali Al-Naqi Al-Hadi (PBUH)
10th – Birthday anniversary of Imam Muhammad Al-Taqi Al-Jawad (PBUH)
13th – Birthday anniversary of Amir ul-Mo’mineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (PBUH)
14th – Birthday anniversary of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) (according to another source 1st of Zhul Hajjah has been mentioned too)
15th – Demise of Lady Zainab (PBUH)
25th – Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (PBHU)
26th – Night of Me’raaj and Ba’that (proclaim) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF)
28th – Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (PBUH) leaves Medina for Karbala
Islamic Insights – Allah loves us too much to let us fall behind in good deeds – He has gifted us with an opportunity in the form of Rajab that easily trumps the ‘business’ excuse! This blessed month is filled with simple ways to develop a stronger sense of God-consciousness; so why let it slip by unnoticed?
The Gifts of Rajab
Rajab is a month of many special days, including the birth anniversaries of our first, fifth and ninth Imams, the day when the Prophet (PBUH&HF) officially proclaimed Islam, and the day when he ascended to the heavens (Me’raaj). To top it all off, the Almighty Allah (SWT) has made it an especially honoured month for us to seek His forgiveness, to earn rewards, and – above all – to attain nearness to Him through worship.
Do not forget to pray for your brothers and sisters.

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