Monday, 6 June 2011

Bahraini Regime Tightens Security Arrangements

Bahraini Regime Tightens Security Arrangements
 Bahrain’s Al-Wafaq Society has issued a statement, announcing its deep concern over the intensification of security arrangements in this Persian Gulf state by the Bahraini regime, while pointing out that obstruction of peoples’ attendance at mosques, and severance of access of regions to each other through establishment of checkpoints, flies in the face of citizens’ rights and freedom.
Meanwhile, Bahraini political activist, Mohammad Al-Masvi, has revealed that Bahrain is currently witness to a massacre.
He emphasized that the Bahraini regime and its mercenaries will be finally defeated by the popular uprising in this country, while reminding that holding talks with the Bahraini regime is pointless, because this regime only understands the language of force.
The Saudi-backed Bahraini security forces on Saturday opened fire at the Bahraini reformist demonstrators, wounding a number of protesters. The Bahraini security forces also apprehended a number of demonstrators.
Throughout the Bahraini revolution, dozens of people have been martyred, while hundreds of others have sustained injuries or have gone missing.
The people of Bahrain urge political reforms and amendment of the Bahraini Constitution so that people would take part in determining their own fate.

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