Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pakistan hosted an International Conference to mark Imam Khomeini death anniversary

SHIITENEWS_SEMANAR_IMAM_KHOMENIThe ECO Cultural Association of Pakistan hosted an International Conference at the National Library of Pakistan in the capital Islamabad to mark the 22nd death anniversary of the Imam Khomeini .
The conference began with viewings of various documentaries of the life and literary works of Imam Khomeini highlighting his expertise in the fields of poetry, Islamic jurisprudence theology, philosophy and mysticism. The conference was attended by Iran's Ambassador to Pakistan, Mashallah Shakeri, the leader of the Senate Syed Nayyar Bukhari and prominent scholars and politicians from across Pakistan's political divide.
An important message which surfaced again and again throughout the course of this conference was the need to endorse Imam Khomeini's vision of a united Muslim World and to fight the enemies of Islam.
Charged speakers spoke about how Imam Khomeini had revived a unique system of governance in Iran following the Revolution and how he fought back against the tyranny of Superpowers.
The leader of the Senate Nayyar Bukhari paid tribute to Imam Khomeini whom he described as a courageous leader who broke the chains of slavery. Other speakers spoke of the need for Pakistan and Iran to build on ties which where galvanised by the Grand Ayatollah. A leading Shia Scholar Agha Murtaza Poya believes a revolution is the need of the hour for a very unstable Pakistan.
For a man who instigated change in the hearts and minds of a nation, Imam Khomeini undoubtedly was the greatest religious personality of his age.

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