Thursday, 9 June 2011

Saudi Arabia: The Safest Heaven for Dictators

Monday, 06 June 2011 13:28
shiitenews_Saudi_Arabia_The_Safest_Heaven_for_DictatorsThe absolute Monarchial State of Saudi Arabia, in which democratic constitution and political power is traded down for Shari ‘a (Wahabi-Salfi's Islamic Law) under King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, is now an official safe heaven for criminals and dictators.
It’s a deplorable culture that like the notion of Monarchy, ascending to the throne of dictators is apparently emerging under the same circumstances as the country’s hereditary ascended kingship. History reveals that the misconduct and irresponsible act of the Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family is persistently leaning against the international community, particularly contra the African continent.
The reality of the situation yields a green light to the African leaders to intentionally breach the public trust. And then should any sudden insurrection takes place as in Tunisia, it sounds the dictators are pretty much optimistic for a second peaceful life in Jeddah.
It’s so sad to see when history repeats itself in the Saudi Arabia’s kingdom to accommodating dictators after they have done enough crimes on their own people. When the name of the former Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin Dada is mentioned, it logs everyone’s memory along with the massacre of the seventies that permanently frozen in the Ugandans’ frame of mind. During Amin’s power, hundreds of thousands of Ugandans were killed acrimoniously.
However, the evil-minded dictator was welcomed to the Kingdom by the then Saudi Arabia’s king, King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz. Then Royal Family provided him with a monthly stipend of about 1,400 USD, domestic servants, cooks, drivers and cars. There, he led a comfortable life with his four wives in a modest house until he was deceased in 2003. Regardless of the most terrible and shuddery power based of his criminal activity, no charge has taken place against him.
The recently boomed popular uprising, “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia to step-down the dictator was a dexterous move that reflected the differences between the Tunisians’ immoderate tolerance and the dictator’s extreme power hunger tenaciousness. Nevertheless, while President Ben Ali is responsible for his wrongful act that resulted in the death of tens of innocent civilians, he is rescued and welcomed by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.
In another episode, The killer of thousands of Yemen’s citizen Ali Abdullah Al Saleh had left the country for Saudi Arabia, the safe heaven of criminals, looters and dictators.
Saleh’s ability to rule Yemen — which he has controlled for 33 years — has diminished significantly since a populist nonviolent uprising, inspired by similar rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt, was launched in January.
It’s still questionable why the King welcomed President Ben Ali and his family and Saleh and his family to the kingdom.
The King doesn’t seem to be concerned about the Tunisian and Yemen’s people who have been suffered from totalitarian dogmatism for the three decades.
In the contrary, maybe Tunisians and Yemeni’s are the most hated people by the Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family for not bowing down for the dictator.
Of course, it wrong and unpleasant action to overthrow a Government in the minds of the Kingdom and their struggle to eliminate the monarchy and dictatorships from their countries. For how long could the Royal Family sympathize with criminals and dictators? And who could stop the encouragement of the dictators so Africa and Middle East could make it into peaceful and democratic continent?
The Saudi Royal Kingdom has already supported the corrupt leadership of Khalifa’s of Bahrain against the popular uprising in the tiny Persian Gulf state.
This shows that the Saudi Arabia is the safe heaven of criminals and dictators and staunch supporter and guardian of the corrupt monarchies.

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