Monday, 6 June 2011

Urgent: 9 Years Old Bahraini Girl Martyred in Sitrah + Pic

According to ABNA sources in Bahrain, a nine-year-old Bahraini girl was martyred early today as a result of the barbarity of the Al Khalifa.
This morning the martyrdom of Fatima Ali Khalil, 9, was confirmed. She was hit with excessive amounts of tear gas.
She is the 35th Bahraini Martyr.
The 14th February Youth had called for a massive return to the protests on 1st June when the martial law was due to be lifted. Despite the Al Khalifa violence against Bahrainis, the people’s determination and zeal have never diminished. They responded positively to the call and demonstrations were held in many towns and villages. Manama has remained under siege to prevent the takeover of the Pearl Square which had been the birthplace of the largest ever revolution in Bahrain’s history.

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