Monday, 6 June 2011

Berlin silent again on Israeli massacres at Syrian border

Berlin silent again on Israeli massacres at Syrian borderGerman Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle here Monday expressed 'great concern' over the latest violence in the Mideast but did not condemn Israel's renewed mass killings of unarmed protesters along the border with Syria, according to media reports. 
While Westerwelle warned of a 'new spiral of violence' in the Mideast region, he did not even react to the Israeli massacres in the occupied Golan Heights territories.
Some 23 people were killed and more than 350 injured Sunday, when Israeli snipers opened fire on unarmed demonstrators at the Syrian border.
Germany also kept mum last month in the wake of Israel's deadly shooting of mostly young Palestinian demonstrators who were commemorating Nakba (Catastrophe) Day.
More than 20 people had been killed and hundreds injured in separate incidents along Israel's border with Lebanon, and at the border between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
Numerous Palestinians were wounded along the borders, in the Gaza Strip in the south, and during demonstrations north of Jerusalem.
A die-hard ally of the Zionist regime, Germany does at times urge the illegal Jewish state 'to show restraint' in its murderous campaign against the Palestinian people but refuses to openly condemn the killings.
Germany also strongly defended Israeli massacres in its wars in Gaza in 2008/9 and in Lebanon in 2006.
Critics of Berlin's Middle East policy point out it is merely geared at safeguarding Israeli's security and strategic needs while ignoring the plight of Palestinians.

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