Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sheikh Ali Salman: We will not go back prior to February the 14th in Bahrain

Monday, 20 June 2011 10:27
shiitenews_Sheikh_Ali_Salman_We_will_not_go_back_prior_to_February_the_14th_in_BahrainThe Secretary-General of the Bahraini Opposition Association Accord  (Al-Wefaq) confirmed that the executive authority should express the will of the people and the voters in its selection and in its approval of program which should be subject to inspection and accountability.
The leading Shia leader of Bahrain Sheikh Ali Salman said that the current authority does not satisfy any of these features; people are a far cry from the choice of their government in any sense of the word “choice” and extremely distant from issuing confidence to the Cabinet.
The Opposition Association Accord news network quoted the Sheikh Ali Salman saying during his speech at the “Sitra” Festival that the Bahraini people will not go back prior to February the 14th. He pointed out that the main root of the crisis before February the 14th is the marginalization of the people’s will in decision-making.
Concerning the dialogue, which was called by the Bahraini authorities, his Eminence said that the success of dialogue, reform and the transition to democracy needs officials who believe in these values. One of the major problems of the past was that not a lot of officials in the decision-making seats believe in democracy and reform
The Secretary-General of the Bahraini Opposition Association Accord clarified that we welcomed the dialogue as a rational path that should lead to responding to the fair demands of the people without them being manipulated or betrayed in any way or form. People are in a high degree of political awareness, and the international community monitors the dialogue and it cannot be manipulated or led astray in an illustration empty of any real content.
His Eminence expressed regret for what the authorities are doing through random arrests campaigns. The continuation of the inspection committees in the ministries, the continued firing and arresting of staff in the private and public sector, and the collective punishment solely on the regards of religious identity does not match the atmosphere need to prepare for and initiate a successful dialogue, but rather the contrary. This raises the question of foreign and domestic public opinion on the extent of the seriousness of the upcoming dialogue
He concluded, "We are the most adherent to national unity, for we have taken the moral high ground for of years with regards to responding to the false systematical programmed media attacks which was launched within sight and earshot of all those in authority, and that was to keep the nation away from sectarian and political divisions which are not useful in any way."

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